Large Tractors FOR HIRE

Raptor Plant Hire offers a significant fleet of large horsepower tractors in tracked and 4WD configurations suited to different applications across both construction and the agricultural industries. Our tractors are most commonly utilised on deforestation and stump removal projects as well as out in open fields towing air seeders or towing chaser bins.

With the fleet made up of late model machines including modern operator comforts to reduce stress and fatigue, these units can be supplied on wet or dry hire terms depending on what best suits your particular needs. 

All units are run on a strict service maintenance schedule to ensure they are always in top form and ready to go. Servicing is all conducted in house by our highly experienced qualified mechanics so as to minimise any chance of breakdown or interruption on your project.

Our large tractors are available for hire as following:

  • Impeccably Maintained                                       
  • Experienced Operator/s Available
  • Deep ripping, Scraping, Seeding or Chaser Bin Use
  • Mobilisation & Demobilisation Optional
  • Tyred and Tracked Units Available
  • GPS Precision Guidance Systems

RAPTOR Plant Hire is a family-owned and operated company. We firmly believe that by operating on these 4 key points below – we are able to better serve you, our clients.



Unique Machine Solutions Available Along With Experienced Operators



Get a Premium Service Experience with All Logistics and Site Support



Get a Custom Plant Machinery Deal for Your Long Term Project



When You Need Project Action, It's Our Duty to Find Your Solution Fast!



What is Wet Hire?

Wet machine hire means that your hire includes a skilled operator for the machine and therefore you will be paying for labour as well as the cost to rent and run the machine. ... Therefore with wet hire, you can be sure that the machine and your job are in good hands.

What is Dry Hire?

When hiring a machine on dry hire it will not include an operator to operate the machine. This hire option is significantly cheaper than wet hire as you don't need to pay for the operators labour.

What Areas Does Your Logistics Service Cover?

Raptor offers a complete logistics service including oversize loads to mobilise and demobilise any machine for your project anywhere in Western Australia.

What Are Payment / Hire Contract Terms?

Raptor has hire terms that are tailored to meet your project requirements, please contact one of our team for further information that will suit your requirements.

What if your machine breaks down whilst we have it on hire?

Raptor has a fully qualified service team available 24/7 to ensure we keep our machines up and running, and can service any issues on demand.

Do I Have to Clean the Machine Before Returning?

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure the machine is cleaned and free from soil, clay, weed & seed to protect the environment and prevent additional charges.

Can I Smoke in Hire Machines?

Smoking in Raptor machines is strictly prohibited!

What Is Short Term Hire?

Any hire duration of less than 3 months.

What Is Long Term Hire?

Any hire duration of more than 3 months.

What Does Your On-Site Support Cover?

Any breakdown or machine failure that is not a fault of the hirer.

Can I Off-Hire a Machine If Not Using It?

Yes, in certain circumstances where Raptor has agreed the reason for off hire can be substantiated.

My Hire Machine Just Broke Down - What Do I Do?

Contact Raptor for one of our field service team members to assist immediately.

Can I Get a Machine With an Operator?

Yes, please contact Raptor for further information and availability.

Can I Hire Your Machine and Drive it Myself?

Yes, if you are a competent operator and qualified where required you may operate the machine on dry hire.

Why Should I Choose You Over Other Plant Hire Companies?

Raptor is a family owned and operated family business with a friendly team that has your best interests in mind, we strive to ensure our customers are serviced with honesty, integrity and reliability.

Do I Have to Refuel Hire Machines Before Returning Them?

Raptor supplies machines full of fuel and expects they will be returned full of fuel, in the event you cannot fill the machine, there may be additional charges applied to your hire.


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