Stump Removal

RAPTOR is experienced in reversion of ex-plantation properties across Western Australia.

The two most common methods of stump removal of bluegum or pine plantation properties is completed by stump plucking or stump grinding.


Stump plucking can effectively be completed utilising the unique Savannah Stump Plucker or more traditionally using an excavator.


Stump grinding is completed by a self propelled stump grinder machine or a tractor mounted stump grinder.


Land Clearing

After stump removal is completed there is then the process of clearing the remaining debris and making the land level and clear enough to work.

Stump plucking is followed by windrowing and/or heaping of stumps, harvest slash and debris is then completed using a combination of a large Savannah Rotary rake and bulldozer with rake.

This method of reversion offers land owners the immediate use of their land between windrows.

Stump grinding is followed by light debris raking to remove harvest slash/debris and sticks etc.